Unathi Mabunda

About The Book
In a world obsessed with marriage, the wedding ring has become a must-have item by which one`s morality and societal status is determined. Every little girl is in a marriage readiness programme where her family, church and community are her educators, and the wedding day serves as the graduation ceremony. If the “two-by two” notion were plausible and applicable to all, how then do we respond to the unmarried, unclassified and unnamed people in our society? Is there a crisis in heaven if one does not marry? If not, what is it about singleness or “nonogamy” that makes everyone so uncomfortable? Perhaps, it is time we judged an individual based on his or her contribution to society and not the marital status. As a response, this book seeks to uncover a person’s value and assignment outside a ‘union’ and will strike a nerve across cultural divides, geographical location or ethnicity.

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