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Get an honest review of your manuscript
For an honest opinion of your work, send us a synopsis and three chapters/or no more than 5000 words. We will then forward this to one of our Independent Editors for an opinion.
This service is only R800.00. Remember, this is not an edit of your work, but rather a critical opinion including aspects like the value, need, marketability and aspects for improvement if any, of your work.

Our editors will edit not only for typographical errors and for consistency of punctuation and good flow, but also for all manner of grammatical correctness as well as logic thought and meaning. They will break up torturously long sentences and remove repetition. They will make sure your writing is clear and query any ambiguity, contradiction or inappropriateness. Through comments to you, they will alert you to anything that may be critical and offer suggestions for improvements. We use Track Changes so you can easily see where your manuscript has been changed.

The cost for this service is R3000.00 and is not based on the total word count of your manuscript so its much affordable. If you are interested in this, please fill in the form below with your details and make the payment, after that email your work as PDF/msWord alongside your proof of payment or the reference you used. (Use your book title as refference)

Review / Opinion
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