Sello Kholo Leshaba

About The Book
It Starts From A Penny is a book that gives the basic knowledge about how the world works, from the business, agricultural and investment view. It gives clear definitions of all the things to know and do, it also has examples of how one can change their life and mindset when it comes to success and wealth.
The book is has basic knowledge which everyone needs if they want to start being independent, the book has the basic language and not bombastic words have been used to ensure that one is focused on understanding what is being said rather than what is meant, the book has ten chapters which all work hand in hand and what is interesting about this book is that it is also a need for high school learners because it possesses all the knowledge that high school pupils need to know before they can start making choices which affect their future.
This book is a must read for everyone because everyone has something to learn from it regardless of the age, it also have practical knowledge so everything in this book is not far-fetched and all the examples are based on true stories, this book is a definite manual of success, business and wealth.

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